At 5896m Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain and one of the continent's magnificent sights, It has three main volcanic peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. The name itself "Kilimanjaro" is a mystery wreathed in clouds. It might mean Mountain of Light, Mountain of Greatness or Mountain of Caravans.

Way to Kibo
Machame route
Gilmans view

This mountain is located near a town known as moshi and is a protected area, carefully regulated fro climbers to enjoy without leaving a trace of their presence. This mountain had got much of a farmland, with the growth of coffee, banana, cassava, maize for cash sale business. Once you enter the mountain it is ccovered with thick lowland forest, with lower attitudes and breaks into alphine meadows.

Climibing this mountain is the most highlighted visitors' experience in Tanzania, where the adventure of a lifetime, especially because. if paced well, everyone froam seasoned treking to first-time enthuasists can scale the snowy peak. Kilimanjaro, by name itself is a mystery wreathed in clouds. It might also mean "Mountain of light, Mountain of Greatness or Mountain of Caravans". The hut known as Kibo, originally from the tribe Wachagaa called this hut kipoo is familar fro the snowy peak that stands imperious, overseer of the continent, and the summit of Africa. Kilimanjaro is one of the world's most accessible high summits, having a beacon for visitors from around the world. Uhuru point, the actual summit, or giillmans's point on the lip of crater, will earn their climbing certificate, and moreover their memories. But the mountain has so much more than her summit. The ascent of the slopes is a virtual climatic world tour, from the tropical rainforests to the arctic.

About Mount Kilimanjaro

Size: 1668 sq km

Location: Northen Tanzania, near the town of Moshi.

Getting there: 128km (80 miles) from Arusha

What to do:
  • 6 to 7 days trekking, visit the beautiful lake chala crater on the mountain's southeastern slopes.
  • Accomodation:
  • Huts
  • Campsites on the mountain
  • Note:
  • Climb slowly to increase your acclimatisation time and maximise your chances of reaching the summit.
  • Rates:
  • Porters - USD 10 per day
  • Cooks - USD 15 per day
  • Guides - USD 20 per day.