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Zanzibar is a place that means"coast of blacks" and situated 25 to 50 km east of mainland in Tanzania. The main island is Unjuga, which is commonly known as Zanzibar itself, and the other is Pemba, which is known as the green land. Zanzibar in now a city, though the historic centre was "stone town" a bustling city that was once the hub of a coastal trade up and down the East coast of Africa.

It mainly exports cloves, seaweed, coconut and copra. This is the world's oldest functioning swahili city. In the ancient time Zanzibar had become a major trading hub, supplying gold, ivory, slaves and wood to places as distant as India, while importing spices, glassware and textiles. You can get to Zanzibar by flight via countries such as Ethiopia, Tanzania or Kenya

About Zanzibar

Size: 2461 sq km

Location:East of mainland Tanzania

Getting there:
  • By domestic flight
  • By ship through Dar es Salaam
  • What to do:
  • Visit Stone Town
  • Go to Nungwi and Kendwa beaches
  • Snorkelling at Mnemba Atoll
  • Watching sunset at Stone Town
  • Giant Turtles on Prison Island
  • Spice plantation tour
  • Accomodation:
  • Hotels
  • Camps
  • Chalet at beach
  • Note:
  • Visit between December until February for festive season.
  • Visit between June to October for the dry season and the humidly hot.
  • Visit between January to February to have a cool dry season.
  • Cost to live in Zanzibar in a budget living:
  • Per day per person - USD 20
  • One week per person - USD 139
  • Two week per person - USD 278
  • One month per person - USD 596
  • One week per couple - USD 278
  • Two week per couple- USD 556
  • One month per couple - USD 1192